Ольга Чигиринская (morreth) wrote,
Ольга Чигиринская

Dear English-speaking and writing friends!

My dear mat Hoffman for long time tried to talk me into making a page for "Seventeen moments of Spring" on TVTropes. The main obstacle is that I've never seen the series (oops!).

Of course, I know what's it all about and remember the crucial moments, such as Katherine Kinn interrogated by evil SS-woman and Stierlits making wolves of matches in jail. But it is not enough.

Who will join us for help? It's a shame that such a cult TV series are not presented on tvtropes.org.

UPD. Well, let's get started


What is needed exactly? Convenient TV-tropes that you remember. Personally I coud pick:

Sadistic choice - when SS-woman threatens to freeze Kat's baby to death unless she gives up the name of resident.

Better to Die than Be Killed - professor Pleischner casted himself from the window to avoid being captured and tortured by Gestapo.

Magnificient bastard - Shellenberg.

Rewarded As A Traitor Deserves - Klaus.

What else?

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